Apr 04 2012

BodyBalance 56 – New release, out now!

Tuesday saw the launch of BodyBalance 56, this quarter’s brand new release. Bringing with it a host of new challenges, new poses and beautiful new music along with it, this release invites us to find effortless-ness and inner strength.

As mentioned above, the music is a stunning collection of inspirational tracks from various well-known artists. The track list is as follows:

  • Tai Chi Warmup : Stop And Stare (Fundmental Envy)
  • Sun Salutations : Euphoria (Firefly) (Parker & Surface Jave)
  • Standing Strength : Best Thing I Never Had (Beyoncé)
  • Balance : Someone Like You (Audiogroove)
  • Hip Openers : Run For It (Delerium feat. Leigh Nash)
  • Core – Abdominals : Love Will Always Win (Opshop)
  • Core – Back : This = Love (The Script)
  • Twists : Somewhere Only We Know (The Sense)
  • Forward Bends – Hamstrings : Running Up That Hill (Inevitable)
  • Forward Bends – Hamstrings : Angel (Blue Cloud)
  • Relaxation/Meditation : Acceptance (Paul Avgerinos)

If you’ve never tried BodyBalance before, it’s something you must try at least once! It will take you places you’ve never been before both mentally and physically. If you want to know more about what it is and why it is good for you, check this article out.

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