Sep 22 2017

BODYJAM 82 Launches Thursday 28th September!

BODYJAM 82It’s here! The brand new BODYJAM release from Les Mills. This one is number 82 and it’s called “Bangin’ on the Eastside”, which is exactly what we’re going to do! Kind of. Well maybe the north side of Leamington but, we’ll be bangin’!!!

This is a really strong release, I think you’re going to LOVE it! There’s a really great mix of sounds and feels. The second block is so euphoric you’ll be dancing with goosebumps! I can’t wait to launch this with you on Thursday, (28th September at 7.40pm).

If you want spoilers and sneak peeks, read on. If not, then stop here :)

Here’s the track list:

BODYJAM 82 track list

And here’s the sizzler video:

Looks good doesn’t it? For more details on where the class is, check out the Class Timetable page.

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