Dec 30 2017

New Year, New Zumba Tracks! Wooo!

muevelo pitbull sal a bailarAh yes, it’s that time of year where I’ve been twiddling my toes inventing new choreography for your delight (or dismay!)… I’ve had some tracks on my “to do” list for a while and I’ve finally got the chance to DO them! I’m not going to reveal all of the new tracks to you now, or indeed in the first week back, however, here’s a sneaky peek to a few of them…

Possibly the BEST salsa I’ve EVER heard, with a touch of Brazil – “Sal a Bailar”. Over-selling it? Maybe, see what you think:

“Rajesh” – a funky fusion between Banghra and Moombahton. I know, right?

“Contento” – the feel good track of the year. It means “happy” and you can’t help but smile when you hear this!

Hey, it ain’t a Zumba class without Pitbull, is it? So here’s “Muevelo” (BOOM BOOM). Can you guess what moves we’ll be doing in the chorus?

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