Mar 12 2018

Bird in Basket/ Flight – Technique Tips

In the latest BODYBALANCE release we have the challenging Bird poses, including Bird in Basket and Bird in Flight. Many of us struggle with the weight placement into the hands that support us so I’ve done a short video to help explain this.

These poses require some strenght and flexibility to achieve, but at the same time, they help develop the core strength, build bone density and perhaps most importantly. help us with our mental discipline.


Try these steps to help you practice and master these awesome Bird poses:

Bird Pose

  • Start in Hindi Squat

  • Spread fingers wide

  • Pull hands back and closer to the body

  • Lift hips really high, then lift the heels

  • Strongly press knees into upper arms and lift belly high

  • Most important thing is to bring the weight forward into the arms

  • When you feel this can you lift one foot, then the other?.

Bird in Basket

  • Start in Hindi Squat

  • Lower your trunk onto your legs, then raise pelvis up to knee height

  • Thread your hands behind or slightly outside of your feet, fingers facing forwards

  • Inner thighs rest on the upper arms

  • Displace your center of gravity by pushing your hands into the floor and moving your weight backwards into your hands and off your feet

  • Feet lift off, toes come together

 Bird in Basket

Bird in Flight

  • Inhale and begin stretching your legs out to the sides as high as you can

  • Pelvis remains in a high position, legs aligned to the floor

  • Widen your shoulder blades as much as possible, this will create a hollowing of the chest and round the upper back, which should lift your torso higher

  • Lift your head and eye gaze forwards, breathe slowly

 Bird in Flight

 Good luck!  :)



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