May 14 2018

Muddy Stiletto Awards – We Made The Finals!


A massive thank you to everyone who placed a nomination vote for Warwickshire Fitness on the Muddy Stilettos website, we made the finals of Muddy Stilettos Awards for Warwickshire 2018 – Best Fitness Instructor category! Many thousands of readers voted in the first round, so it’s a massive accolade, thank you so much.

Now, the really important voting begins which will decide who the winner of the Best Fitness Instructor Award will be!

Where to vote
Log onto the Muddy Stilettos site at: https://warks.muddystilettos.co.uk/vote/fitness-instructor/

When to vote
Voting in the Finals starts at 11.30am on Monday 14th May and ends at 6.30pm on Friday 18 May – so it’s short and sweet, with only FIVE days of voting!

How does it work?
Voting starts from zero, which means all nominations from the first round are not carried forward. This is because it is now a 5-way competition between 5 finalists in each of the 24 categories.

If you get the time and would like to support Warwickshire Fitness with your vote that would be deeply appreciated. Wouldn’t it be cool to say “The award winning Warwickshire Fitness”? :) Thanks for you support!

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