Dec 09 2018

Classes/Break Over The Christmas Period

Xmas bauble banner thin

Only a couple of weeks and a bit to go now before the BIG day. As always, Warwickshire Fitness classes will be taking a break, though this year, thanks to the way the dates have fallen, not too much of one. Good news for the waistline!

The online timetable is up to date and correct, but to summarise for you, here are the key pieces of information:

The last class before Christmas will be Zumba at Harbury on Sunday 23rd December.

There will be a one-time special BODYJAM double class on Friday 28th December, (read more here).

The first classes back will be on Thursday, 3rd January at St. Patrick’s. (I know, right? Straight in, smash the new year in the face) :)

If I don’t see you beforehand, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time, whatever you may be doing, whomever you may be with, wherever you may be.

Merry Christmas!




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