Dec 30 2018

New Zumba Tracks for the New Year

New Zumba TracksI’ve been working hard to “Russell” up (LOL) some brand new Zumba tracks ready for our 2019 reboot. So far I’ve done 8 brand new ones! Don’t panic, they won’t all be launched in the first week as that could be pretty overwhelming for you AND me!

What I have done though is put together a playlist on YouTube so that you can listen to the tunes in advance. Note that we will not be doing the moves you see in the Big Bang Bounce video, I just couldn’t find one with the music alone. If I find more time I have two other tracks I’d like to get done at some point too. Brain is officially overloaded, but I am quietly confident at least one of these will become one of our all-time classics… Big, bold words! See what you think, and maybe, possibly comment below?

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