Feb 18 2018

Brand New STRONG by Zumba Warm Up Headed Your Way!

Check out the video and listen to the exclusive new track especially made for STRONG by Zumba. it’s our brand new warm up starting this week. Get a sneak peek and we’ll see you at class to try it out.  

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Feb 17 2018

How To Do The Bird Pose – BODYBALANCE

Jackie Mills - bird pose

BODYBALANCE fans! With the new release comes new challenges and one of them some of you may not have done before. It’s called the Bird Pose. If you want to try this at home, check out these great tips from BODYBALANCE’S Programme Director, Jackie Mills.   When you’ve mastered this you’ll then be ready for …

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Feb 16 2018

Brand New Zumba Track – “Fogo”

Fogo Art

    I love this song! It’s called “Fogo” (which means FIRE in Portuguese) and is by Garmiani, featuring Julimar Santos. And that’s what we’re going to do in this brand new Zumba dance – set FIRE to the floor!   Take a sneaky listen to the video below if you like and come find out …

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Feb 15 2018

Classes Continue As Usual Over Half Term

Zumba woop woop

A few of you have been asking regarding classes over half-term. I’d like to confirm that classes continue as normal over the half-term period! Woop woop!

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Feb 11 2018

Zumba Track List W/C 11/02/18

Zumba Track List

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Jan 27 2018

New Zumba Track – Reggaeton Lento Incoming!

Reggaeton Lento

  Starting Sunday, we’ve got another brand new Zumba track for you – “Reggaeton Lento”. It slots right in to the “slow track” spot Hope you enjoy it! With over 1.2 BILLION views on YouTube, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty popular song. Check it out for yourself on YouTube:    

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Jan 20 2018

Zumba Track List – W/C 21/01/18

Zumba Track List

Here’s the Zumba track list for this week, starting tomorrow at Harbury morning Zumba!  

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Jan 13 2018

Zumba Track List – W/C 14/01/18

Zumba Track List

I still haven’t got used to writing 18 for the year! Anyhow, here’s this week’s Zumba track list which starts tomorrow at Harbury’s class. It’s really upbeat and happy to get you through the hardest week in January, according to “science”.

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Jan 04 2018

BODYJAM 83 Launching 11th January

BODYJAM 83 track list

Finally! We get to do the brand new BODYJAM release, #83 – AFRO HIP HOP BATTLEGROUNDS starting Thursday, 11th January at our new venue, St. Patrick’s School in Leamington. If you don’t want any spoilers or information about this release, stop reading here Otherwise, here we go with the all important track list:   Here’s the …

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Jan 03 2018

Zumba Track List – 05/01/18

Zumba Track List

Starting this Friday, 7pm at Radford Semele, here’s the first Zumba Track List of 2018. Wooo! Check out the new ones on the list and familiarise yourself with the tunes here.    

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