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Apr 11 2019

BODYJAM #88 Launches Tonight! (11/04/19)

Bodyjam 88 header

Well, technically it should have been last week but we were foiled by an overrunning parent’s evening! Still, that’s good news for some of you who weren’t able to make it last week Tonight we get to experience the brand new BODYJAM release, number 88, which is quite appropriately named “the hottest fitness class in …

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Sep 25 2018

BODYJAM 86 “I Like it Loud” Launching..?

BODYJAM 86 track list

It’s launching soon. Very soon. In fact possibly this week soon, or at least some of it is! Yes, you’ll get to try some of this fabuloso new release this week at BODYJAM and the whole lot next week! This is one of those releases for me that is so much better to DO than …

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Jun 27 2018

BODYJAM 85 – Launch night!

bj 85 slider

It’s here, it’s Hyperreal for Real!!! It’s BODYJAM 85; the latest release about to fill your bodies and feed your ears. There is literally something for everyone, whether a bit of ’80s Janet Jackson is your thing, or Swaggy Crabs, Lazy Drags or dancehall, everyone will leave satisfied! When/where? Hyperreal for Real launches Thursday, 5th July …

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Jun 26 2017


BODYJAM 81 Track List

BODYJAM 81, a.k.a. “Puro Pari” is out now! Come and experience the latest and greatest creation by Les Mills BODYJAM programme director, Gandalf Archer-Mills every Thursday starting 7.40pm at Trinity School. Scroll down for the video! The music is incredible and I just know man of you are going to class this as your newest …

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Jun 22 2017


BODYBALANCE 77 track list

Come and try the latest Les Mills Bodybalance release with us, right now! It’s a gorgeous release with a different, fresh feel and best of all there’s one seamless flow from start to end so you can really immerse yourself in the beautiful movement with breath. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect: …

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Dec 06 2015

BodyJam 75 – Dancehall Fiyah – New Release Out Now

BodyJam 75 - Dancehall Fiyah

What better present for Christmas than a brand new BodyJam release? “DanceHall Fiyah” or release #71 to those of you keeping tabs on the numbers has got a great dance hall feel, (no surprise there), with some fresh new moves and all the latest club tracks you love. This is defintely one of those releases …

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Sep 21 2015

BodyJam 74 – “Get it Lit” Launches Thursday 24th September!

BodyJam 74 slider

Get ready to GET IT LIT! The fantastic new BodyJam release is finally here! Featuring an epic track list there’s something for everyone. If you can’t hear the songs in your head when you look at the picture below, then simply click here to hear them all on YouTube in a handy playlist some kind …

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Dec 31 2014

BodyJam 71 – “10 Years Turnt Up” Launches This Week!


New year, new release! What better way to start the new year than with a brand new BodyJam release. We’re on number 71 and for those of you not numerically minded this release is called “10 Years Turnt Up” because it’s been 10 years since its Programme Director, Gandalf Archer has been bringing us his …

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Oct 03 2014

BodyJam 70 Launches October 5th at Nuffield Warwick!

BodyJam 70 Launch poster

Save the date beautiful Jammers as the BodyJam 70 launch is coming your way on Sunday, 5th October. The name of this release is “Straight up Hip Hop, Straight up House” and that’s what you’ll be getting, straight up! This release is another Smorgasbord of the latest big tracks and styles that you love and …

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Oct 01 2014

BodyBalance 66 Launches at Nuffield Warwick 5th October!

BodyBalance 66 Banner

This quarter it’s a little different for Nuffield Warwick as the BodyBalance launch will take place on Sunday 5th October at 2.30pm! Myself and Sally will be taking you for this beautiful new release that brings new challenges and as always, fresh new music. If you’d like to read a bit more about the new …

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