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Apr 29 2019

New Quadrant 4 Incoming! STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba - Core

STRONG by Zumba peeps! We’ve got a brand new Quadrant 4 – Floorplay launching for you tomorrow night. Time to tantalise those tummies! Class is at St. Patrick’s School, Cashmore Ave. Leamington. 6.30pm – 7.30pm. Only £5/class.

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Apr 11 2019

BODYJAM #88 Launches Tonight! (11/04/19)

Bodyjam 88 header

Well, technically it should have been last week but we were foiled by an overrunning parent’s evening! Still, that’s good news for some of you who weren’t able to make it last week Tonight we get to experience the brand new BODYJAM release, number 88, which is quite appropriately named “the hottest fitness class in …

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Feb 25 2019

BODYBALANCE 84 – New Release

High Res JPG

Welcome to BODYBALANCE 84 – a beautiful release to explore and discover how the postures feel in your body. The amazing tunes of Princess Of China starts the class, finding the warmth in our bodies and connection of breath through a Tai Chi sequence including the ‘sword dance’, which embraces strength and flow. The Balance …

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Dec 18 2018

BODYJAM Double Class – Menu

BJ Double_slider

It’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be tasty, you will feel very satisfied after this incredible BODYJAM meal. And possibly starving afterwards Read more and save your spot/book at this link: http://www.warwickshirefitness.com/2018/12/08/bodyjam-double-special-christmas-class/ I can’t wait to see you there!

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Nov 13 2018

STRONG by Zumba: Brand new Q4 – “Floorplay” This Week!

STRONG by Zumba

We’ve got a brand new Q4 “Floorplay” for you at STRONG by Zumba tonight!  Come feel the new moves in your core! (And bum and arms and sides). There are some moves that I’ve never done in all my years as an instructor! FUN

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Sep 25 2018

BODYJAM 86 “I Like it Loud” Launching..?

BODYJAM 86 track list

It’s launching soon. Very soon. In fact possibly this week soon, or at least some of it is! Yes, you’ll get to try some of this fabuloso new release this week at BODYJAM and the whole lot next week! This is one of those releases for me that is so much better to DO than …

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Jul 25 2018

New STRONG by Zumba Q3 Incoming

There’s a brand new Quadrant 3 incoming next week STRONG by Zumba fans! It’s quite bouncy and will absolutely Push Your Limits! Check out this sneaky peek (Apologies for the low resolution, it was the best I could find).    

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Jun 27 2018

BODYJAM 85 – Launch night!

bj 85 slider

It’s here, it’s Hyperreal for Real!!! It’s BODYJAM 85; the latest release about to fill your bodies and feed your ears. There is literally something for everyone, whether a bit of ’80s Janet Jackson is your thing, or Swaggy Crabs, Lazy Drags or dancehall, everyone will leave satisfied! When/where? Hyperreal for Real launches Thursday, 5th July …

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Jun 19 2018

BODYJAM 85 – “Hyperreal for real” is OUT NOW

BODYJAM 85 Track List

Here we go people, we’re getting Hyperreal for real with the latest release of Les Mills’ BODYJAM. I’m just going to post this teaser video below and you can watch or not watch it if you don’t want the spoilers. Track list first… Let me know what you think in the comments!?       

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May 10 2018

Brand New STRONG by Zumba Q4 Incoming!

STRONG by Zumba Russian Kick

Yes, I know, I’ve threatened this for the last month or so but now I can confirm for absolutely definite, confirmed, promise, without a doubt, ‘fo sho’, we will start this new Q4 next week! So, brace yourselves, (or rather your abs) because we’re going to challenge them in new ways with these new moves. …

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