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Sep 24 2018

Brand new Q2 (Fire up) quadrant at STRONG by Zumba

As promised, we’ve got a brand new Q2 (Fire up) quadrant for you at STRONG by Zumba, starting tonight, 24th September in Cubbignton. Watch this class below smash it out. Yay!        

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Apr 14 2018

Zumba Track List – W/C 15th April

Zumba Track List

Here’s this week’s Zumba track list! The appearance of sunshine has definitely affected the song choices this week!  Let’s hope it was only a coincidence that class numbers were better when I didn’t post it…   Check out the new finale track “More” too! Don’t forget you can learn and practice the moves with the …

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Apr 13 2018

Learn The Moves! New Zumba Track With Video

Usher - More

This is a landmark day in the history of Warwickshire Fitness. For the first time I’ve put together a little video that breaks down the steps for my brand new dance to “More” by Usher. So you can practice before you come to class and smash it on the day! This video shows you the …

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Mar 04 2018

Brand New Quadrant 3 Coming Your Way! SBZ

STRONG by Zumba Punch

Thanks to the snow, we’ve had time to learn a brand new Q3 for all you STRONG by Zumba fans. Assuming the weather doesn’t deteriorate overnight and the school is open tomorrow we’ll be launching this at Our Lady & St. Teresa’s’ Primary School, Cubbington at 7.40pm. Check out the video clip below! Can’t wait …

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Feb 18 2018

Brand New STRONG by Zumba Warm Up Headed Your Way!

Check out the video and listen to the exclusive new track especially made for STRONG by Zumba. it’s our brand new warm up starting this week. Get a sneak peek and we’ll see you at class to try it out.  

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Feb 16 2018

Brand New Zumba Track – “Fogo”

Fogo Art

    I love this song! It’s called “Fogo” (which means FIRE in Portuguese) and is by Garmiani, featuring Julimar Santos. And that’s what we’re going to do in this brand new Zumba dance – set FIRE to the floor!   Take a sneaky listen to the video below if you like and come find out …

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Jan 27 2018

New Zumba Track – Reggaeton Lento Incoming!

Reggaeton Lento

  Starting Sunday, we’ve got another brand new Zumba track for you – “Reggaeton Lento”. It slots right in to the “slow track” spot Hope you enjoy it! With over 1.2 BILLION views on YouTube, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty popular song. Check it out for yourself on YouTube:    

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Jan 03 2018

Zumba Track List – 05/01/18

Zumba Track List

Starting this Friday, 7pm at Radford Semele, here’s the first Zumba Track List of 2018. Wooo! Check out the new ones on the list and familiarise yourself with the tunes here.    

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Dec 30 2017

New Year, New Zumba Tracks! Wooo!

muevelo pitbull

Ah yes, it’s that time of year where I’ve been twiddling my toes inventing new choreography for your delight (or dismay!)… I’ve had some tracks on my “to do” list for a while and I’ve finally got the chance to DO them! I’m not going to reveal all of the new tracks to you now, …

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Aug 10 2017

New STRONG by Zumba Quadrant 3 Coming

Starting Monday 14th August,, we’ve got a brand new Quadrant 3 – “Push Your Limits” for you! Check out the video below for a sneak peek! Check out the Class Timetable to see when and where classes are.

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