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Jan 04 2019

Zumba Track List For New Year’s

Zumba Track List

Really looking forward to the first Zumba class of 2019 tonight at Radford Semele Village Hall. Check out this feel good track list we’ve got for you! This will surely banish any first days back at work blues? see you at 7pm, where you could always have a Cinzano to make sure..?

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Dec 30 2018

New Zumba Tracks for the New Year

New Zumba Tracks

I’ve been working hard to “Russell” up (LOL) some brand new Zumba tracks ready for our 2019 reboot. So far I’ve done 8 brand new ones! Don’t panic, they won’t all be launched in the first week as that could be pretty overwhelming for you AND me! What I have done though is put together …

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Dec 22 2018

Last Zumba Class of 2018!

dec 23rd Zumba

Tomorrow, (Sunday 23rd) sees our last Zumba class of 2018 and of course we’re going out with a bang. Check out this track list! You may have noticed there’s a few more tracks than usual as we’ve put in extra bonus tracks. Note that this does mean we will finish 10 minutes later than usual. If …

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Dec 15 2018

Zumba Track List For Christmas Week!

Zumba Track List

We’re pulling out some of the party classics for this Christmas week of Zumba, as well as the Christmas tunes obvs! Quite a cardio finish with that lot too!  

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Dec 09 2018

Christmas Has Officially Begun!

Zumba Xmas track list

You know it’s OFFICIALLY Christmas when I dig out all the Christmas tunes for Zumba. So, check your calendars, today marks the start of the festive period! I’m bringing back all our old favourites starting at Harbury’s class this morning. They’ll stay on the track list until it doesn’t feel right anymore, which could be …

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Nov 03 2018

(No title)

Zumba Track List

Whereas last week’s track list was all about Halloween, thanks to a suggestion at class, this week it’s all about Bonfire Night… Loosely… I’ll be honest, in places, it’s not even remotely linked. Check out the track which starts tomorrow at Harbury. Bring your extinguishers!

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Oct 20 2018

New Zumba Track – “Little More”

It’s been a while since we had a new Zumba track, so when I heard this tune I KNEW we had to do a dance to it. With a dancehall flavour, I think some of you will love this! Thought it was weird that our last new track was called “More” and now “Little More”. Let’s …

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Jul 15 2018

UPDATED: Changes to timetable/venues over summer holidays

summer holidays

UPDATED WITH NEW MONDAY ALTERATIONS: Hey everyone, isn’t this weather AMAZING!? Hopefully it will last through the summer holidays however it feels like our money’s about to run out in the meter. Anyway, less about the weather, let’s get down to business. Over the school holidays there are a few alterations to venues and timetables, as …

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Apr 14 2018

Zumba Track List – W/C 15th April

Zumba Track List

Here’s this week’s Zumba track list! The appearance of sunshine has definitely affected the song choices this week!  Let’s hope it was only a coincidence that class numbers were better when I didn’t post it…   Check out the new finale track “More” too! Don’t forget you can learn and practice the moves with the …

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Apr 13 2018

Learn The Moves! New Zumba Track With Video

Usher - More

This is a landmark day in the history of Warwickshire Fitness. For the first time I’ve put together a little video that breaks down the steps for my brand new dance to “More” by Usher. So you can practice before you come to class and smash it on the day! This video shows you the …

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