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Open Weekend at Nuffield Warwick Gym 10th-12th October

Nuffield Open Weekend

Enjoy the gym this weekend and bring along your friends or family for free. Simply visit the centre or claim a free day pass here: http://bit.ly/1qs3ISl If you’ve never tried BodyJam or BodyBalance before but have always wanted to it’s a great opportunity to do so for free! Unfortunately I’m not around this weekend to …

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BodyJam 70 – Straight Up Hip Hop, Straight Up House!

BodyJam 70 Banner

With each quarter comes a brand new release from Les Mills for each of their 10 programmes. For some it’s a daunting time of learning new choreography to deliver to their classes but for me, it’s a mini Christmas every 3 months! This quarter certainly doesn’t disappoint either, (how do they keep doing it?) and …

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BodyJam 68; “Konnichiwa Sweden” Launches Sunday 6th April!

BodyJam 68

  BodyJammers, it’s almost time! The new release, “Konnichiwa Sweden” launches on Sunday 6th April at Nuffield Warwick! We’ve got a very special guest coming along to launch with us, another Sam, from Leicester! That’s 100% extra Sam. It’s going to go pop! Check out the sizzler video for this fantastic new release! I hope …

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BodyJam 67 – Death Jam House Party Launches January 8th!


What a way to bring in the new year with the launch of the hottest BodyJam release yet – number 67, “Death Jam House Party”!! An amazing track list (see below for the full list) provides the backdrop for some funky new moves that will leave you sweating, smiling and wanting more. Check out the …

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BodyJam 66 #makethecrowdgo launches Sunday 6th October!

BodyJam 66 Track List #makethecrowdgo

  BodyJam is going to blow your mind, your ears and the studio amp, so be sure to join us on Sunday 6th October at 4pm, at Nuffield Warwick for this amazing new release. Want to know what’s in store? Take a look at the teaser video below:   Liked what you heard? Just when …

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BodyJam 65; “Afro Circus Jam” Launches This Sunday at 12.15pm!

BodyJam 65 - Afro Circus Jam Launch Poster

BodyJammers! Don’t forget that this Sunday it’s launch day for the new release #65; “Afro Circus Jam”. We’re on at the special time of 12.15pm on Sunday so you can shower and make it home to watch the Wimbledon’s men’s finals. The (optional) theme is tennis whites, (well it is Wimbledon after all!) We’ll be …

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BodyJam 64 D.R.E.A.M. Launch at Nuffield Warwick – Videos

BodyJammers! It’s finally done! Now you can relive our fantastic BodyJam 64; “D.R.E.A.M.” launch with Phil Harrison last weekend at Nuffield Warwick in these little videos I put together. Do watch them in HD if you can, oh and TURN IT UP! Part 1 Part 2 Photos courtesy L.M.Art. Visit his Facebook page or website.

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BodyJam 64; “D.R.E.A.M.” launches Sunday 14th April at Nuffield Warwick

BodyJam 64; "D.R.E.A.M." launch

Amazing news BodyJam fans, this Sunday (14th April) we launch BodyJam 64, “D.R.E.A.M.” at 4pm, Nuffield Warwick. But that’s not even the amazing bit! The super amazing part is that we will be joined by none other than Phil Harrison, (“Sir Jam”) – the Head UK Trainer for BodyJam for Les Mills UK! As far …

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BodyJam 64: D.R.E.A.M. Teaser!

Love BodyJam? Can’t wait to do the next release? Well here’s a beaut of a teaser video to whet your appetites. This is the one that I went to New Zealand to participate in the filming. Can you spot me? Enjoy!

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BodyJam 62 Teaser – Pump up the 90s Jam!

It seems like only last week we launched BodyJam 61; “DMFAO”, but the wheels are already turning with the preparation for the new release due September. It’s called “Pump up the 90s Jam” and promises to be yet another amazing release revisiting some of the best moments from the 90s. Check out the teaser video …

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