Welcome to Warwickshire Fitness! Come and get fit with Sam, a fully qualified fitness professional and personal trainer. With a variety of different PAYG classes or one to one sessions ranging from Personal Training to Zumba, to BodyBalance, BodyJam, Pilates and more at different locations in the Leamington, Warwick, Southam and surrounding areas, there’s something for everyone! Don’t put it off any longer, come and take your first steps towards getting fitter, healthier and happier!

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Xmas bauble banner thin

Classes/Break Over The Christmas Period

Only a couple of weeks and a bit to go now before the BIG day. As always, Warwickshire Fitness classes will be taking a break, though this year, thanks to the way the dates have fallen, not too much of one. Good news for the waistline! The online timetable is up to date and correct, …

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Zumba Xmas track list

Christmas Has Officially Begun!

You know it’s OFFICIALLY Christmas when I dig out all the Christmas tunes for Zumba. So, check your calendars, today marks the start of the festive period! I’m bringing back all our old favourites starting at Harbury’s class this morning. They’ll stay on the track list until it doesn’t feel right anymore, which could be …

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BODYJAM Double – Special Christmas Class!

That’s right! You’ve been asking for it, so let’s do it! A one-off special for Christmas. Right in the middle of that limbo period of boredom and weight gain… Join me Friday, 28th December at Radford Semele Village Hall, from 7pm – 9pm for the brand new BODYJAM release “Fuego Para Mi Gente” and your …

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BODYJAM Adventure track lsit

BODYJAM – Choose Your Adventure Track List for 06/12/18

Tomorrow night we’re having a bit of an all you can eat buffet with BODYJAM releases. Something for everyone and a first-look at the bonus warm up which we’ve never done before! Woo yah, HOO RAHH, Etc.  

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STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba: Brand new Q4 – “Floorplay” This Week!

We’ve got a brand new Q4 “Floorplay” for you at STRONG by Zumba tonight!  Come feel the new moves in your core! (And bum and arms and sides). There are some moves that I’ve never done in all my years as an instructor! FUN

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Zumba Track List

Whereas last week’s track list was all about Halloween, thanks to a suggestion at class, this week it’s all about Bonfire Night… Loosely… I’ll be honest, in places, it’s not even remotely linked. Check out the track which starts tomorrow at Harbury. Bring your extinguishers!

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New Zumba Track – “Little More”

It’s been a while since we had a new Zumba track, so when I heard this tune I KNEW we had to do a dance to it. With a dancehall flavour, I think some of you will love this! Thought it was weird that our last new track was called “More” and now “Little More”. Let’s …

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St. Patrick’s Class Changes – Halloween week

Due to St. Patrick’s school caretaker being away on Thursday 1st November, we are unable to gain access to the hall that evening. Therefore, for that week only, the timetable has changed as follows: Tuesday 30th October * 6.30pm – STRONG by Zumba * 7.40pm – BODYJAM Thursday 1st November – NO CLASSES. TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL PROMO As a …

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