Welcome to Warwickshire Fitness! Come and get fit with Sam, a fully qualified fitness professional and personal trainer. With a variety of different PAYG classes or one to one sessions ranging from Personal Training to Zumba, to BodyBalance, BodyJam, Pilates and more at different locations in the Leamington, Warwick, Southam and surrounding areas, there’s something for everyone! Don’t put it off any longer, come and take your first steps towards getting fitter, healthier and happier!

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STRONG by Zumba

New STRONG by Zumba Warm Up

Who fancies a new warm-up? I certainly do and whilst I love that Krewella track from the current one, I’m ready for a bit of Guetta. Come to class to check it out, coming very soon!

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Hey everyone, I’m afraid I have to cancel tonight’s classes. I moved house yesterday and there is stuff and boxes everywhere, and it’s anyone’s guess where the class bits and pieces are…I feel like I could cry as I’m so tired. Not to mention I haven’t had a proper meal since Tuesday! Please accept my …

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BODYJAM 86 track list

BODYJAM 86 “I Like it Loud” Launching..?

It’s launching soon. Very soon. In fact possibly this week soon, or at least some of it is! Yes, you’ll get to try some of this fabuloso new release this week at BODYJAM and the whole lot next week! This is one of those releases for me that is so much better to DO than …

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Brand new Q2 (Fire up) quadrant at STRONG by Zumba

As promised, we’ve got a brand new Q2 (Fire up) quadrant for you at STRONG by Zumba, starting tonight, 24th September in Cubbignton. Watch this class below smash it out. Yay!        

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 Hi everyone, I’m very sorry for the short notice but due to filming/work commitments, neither Sarah nor I can make it to. BODYBALANCE on Monday morning so I’ve had to cancel the class. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. All other classes are on as normal!

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Important Venue Information

To confirm; we are now at the following venues full-time effective immediately: Monday evenings at Cubbington CE Primary School, Church Hill, Cubbington, CV32 7JY, (where we were during the holidays). Tuesday and Thursday evenings – we’re back at St. Patrick’s School in Cashmore Avenue, Leamington! (Where we were before the holidays began). The online timetable …

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New STRONG by Zumba Q3 Incoming

There’s a brand new Quadrant 3 incoming next week STRONG by Zumba fans! It’s quite bouncy and will absolutely Push Your Limits! Check out this sneaky peek (Apologies for the low resolution, it was the best I could find).    

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summer holidays

UPDATED: Changes to timetable/venues over summer holidays

UPDATED WITH NEW MONDAY ALTERATIONS: Hey everyone, isn’t this weather AMAZING!? Hopefully it will last through the summer holidays however it feels like our money’s about to run out in the meter. Anyway, less about the weather, let’s get down to business. Over the school holidays there are a few alterations to venues and timetables, as …

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