Welcome to Warwickshire Fitness! Come and get fit with Sam, a fully qualified fitness professional and personal trainer. With a variety of different PAYG classes or one to one sessions ranging from Personal Training to Zumba, to BodyBalance, BodyJam, Pilates and more at different locations in the Leamington, Warwick, Southam and surrounding areas, there’s something for everyone! Don’t put it off any longer, come and take your first steps towards getting fitter, healthier and happier!

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New STRONG by Zumba Quadrant 1

If you’ve missed STRONG by Zumba for the last couple of weeks, you won’t know that we sneaked in a brand new Q1 for your thigh delight It’s super simple in terms of Choreography but oh my, it really does IGNITE the body! Come along and try it for yourself. Classes are on Mondays at …

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SBZ Technique Video 7 – How to perform Jack & Heel Clips correctly

Well, we’ve certainly had a few of these in our latest quadrant 3! Better late than never with regards to learning the correct technique in this our final STRONG by Zumba technique tips video. I hope you found them useful?

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SBZ Technique Video 6 – How to perform Knee & Tap correctly

This move is simple, however it’s usually performed fairly quickly and that’s where things can go amiss. Look at the shoulder position in this move to check you’re mirroring the correct version.

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St. Patrick’s School classes cancelled half-term week

Due to some building work and asbestos checks taking place at the school this half-term, we unfortunately cannot gain access to the school. Health and safety! Therefore, classes on Tuesday 29th May and Thursday 31st May have been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.    

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SBZ Technique Video 5 – How to perform Curtsey Lunges correctly

Another of our standard moves that appears from quadrant to quadrant is the Curtsey Lunge. Again, whilst a simple move, there is the potential for a few things to go wrong. Study the video below so you can be aware of the common pitfalls.

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Muddy Stiletto Awards – We Made The Finals!

A massive thank you to everyone who placed a nomination vote for Warwickshire Fitness on the Muddy Stilettos website, we made the finals of Muddy Stilettos Awards for Warwickshire 2018 – Best Fitness Instructor category! Many thousands of readers voted in the first round, so it’s a massive accolade, thank you so much. Now, the really …

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SBZ Technique Video 4 – How to perform Mountain Climbers correctly

Ahhh! I LOVE Mountain Climbers, but, a lot of people can find that their back hurts whilst doing them. Check out the tips in the video below to make sure you have great form when doing these to lower the risk of injury and associated pain.    

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SBZ Technique Video 3 – How to perform Squat Jumps correctly

Today, our video takes a look at the correct execution of the Squat Jump – a common and fun move found in my STRONG by Zumba classes. Check out the spinal alignment specifically as that can be quite risky.  

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